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Tax & Self-Assessment

If you struggle to fill in your tax returns, want to ensure your business is safe from tax enquiries or you simply want to see if you can reduce the amount of tax you pay, we’re on hand to assist you with your self-assessment tax return.

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Expert Tax & Self-Assessment Services.

It’s important to remember that in order to make sure you’re paying the right amount of tax, you need to consult a professional. This is because HM Revenue & Customs simply don’t advise people on the most efficient way to organise their affairs and minimise the amount of tax they have to pay.

Aireworth Accountants

We are easing the strain of tax.


Tax is an unwanted but necessary part of running any business. With almost 1 million people every year receiving a fine for failing to return their self-assessment tax return and one in four tax returns incorrectly calculated, it’s well worth hiring the professionals.

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Tax Services

  • Dealing with potentially complicated tax affairs, such as pensions, expenses, benefits and employment income
  • We’ll also deal with investments, capital gains and even your let property
  • The completion of your tax return, as well as all necessary schedules
  • We’ll accurately calculate your tax position
  • File your tax return online to HM Revenue and Customs
  • Send you a full copy of your tax return with explanatory notes
  • Deal with HMRC on your behalf and answer all your questions and tax queries


“Fantastic service look after my accounts and save me hours dealing with tax issues. Highly recommend!!!!!!”

Dave Rab Butler, Facebook Review

Why You May Have To Complete A Tax Return

You're Self-Employed or a Partner within a Partnership

Your Household Income is in excess of £50,000 and you recieve Child Benefit


You've given away or sold assets such as shares or holiday homes


You aren't domiciled in the UK or you've worked or lived abroad.

You're a Director of a Company

Your income comes form overseas

You Let Land or Property

You have a large investment income or savings

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